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Daimyo week 

    13days to learn 400years of Daimyo


Daimyo was a part of castle town planned in the early 17th century by Kuroda, the lord of Fukuoka Domain.  

As it is close to the castle, its streets pattern is unique showing no crossing intersection.  The streets meet in T-shape, for defending the castle,and still remain after 400 years. There was a canal also.

Fukuoka Prefectural Library possesion

In a last few decades, Daimyo has changed a lot with many commercial and office facilities, as Tenjin, Central District, has been developed drastically.  Daimyo is now quite busy in night and day.

Tenjin is going to be developed even more, following ‘Tenjin Big Bang policy’, and buildings twice as tall as current ones are expected to be built.  

Daimyo Elementary School, one of the oldest elementary schools in Fukuoka founded in 1900, was closed in 2014, and now is being used as Start UP facility.  In a few years there will be a new large office complex in its playground.

This event, Daimyo week, is to provide opportunities to know Daimyo’s history and changes through olds maps and photos.  Venues are about 20 spots, including a gallery, hall, hotel lobby, shops and so on.  Some open in day, and some in night.  Please check each open time by our website and visit. 

Fukuoka Prefectural Library possesion


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Fukuoka Kokusai Bld 2-6-1 Daimyo Chuoku Fukuoka City 

 11:00~16:00 (Mon~Sat)

※Ask at the infomation counter

   on main floor

2-1-16 Daimyo Chuoku Fukuoka City

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2-6-60 Daimyo Chuoku Fukuoka City



23rd May 2018(Wed)

4th June 2018(Mon)

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・Daio CO.,Ltd.

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・Kono Camera

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Fukuoka Kokusai Bld 2-6-1 Daimyo Chuoku Fukuoka City


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